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  • Using skin elements
  • Use in a new project
  • Use in an existing project
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The skin elements are used to quickly change the visual aspect of a project without having to retouch every page and every page template.
The skin elements include three elements:
  • the preset page templates: they are made of controls (mainly cells) and they define a default layout for the pages of the project.
  • the skin: it is made of a standardized style sheet that can be exchanged with the one of any other skin. A skin is applied to a page, to a page template or to the entire project.
  • the color palette: it is made of a set of harmonious colors whose names are standardized so that they can be interchanged. It is applied to the styles of the skin to redefine the shades.
Using skin elements

Use in a new project

When creating a new project, the project creation wizard allows you to choose a skin and a color palette. These ones will be associated with the project and used by default in all the pages.
The skin of a project can be modified at any time in the editor. To do so:
  1. Open the project description: on the "Project" tab, in the "Project" group, click "Description".
  2. Select the "Skin Styles" tab.
  3. Choose the new skin and its color palette.
  4. Validate the project description window.
When creating the pages, you will be able to choose the preset page templates to use.

Use in an existing project

An existing project can be easily adapted to use the skin elements. This operation is presented in Adapting a project to use the skins.
Minimum version required
  • Version 15
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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