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  • Overview
  • Sequence for applying the skins
  • Using the skins
  • Choosing the skin of a project
  • Changing the skin of a page or page template
  • Updating skins
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Stored procedures
The skins are used to standardize the visual aspect of a site and they allow you to easily change style.
A skin includes:
  • a style sheet containing WEBDEV styles.
  • an image directory.
  • a default color palette.
  • a set of reports used as base to build the new project reports.
Let's take a look at these elements:
  • The style sheet:
    Reminder: A style sheet includes WEBDEV styles. Each WEBDEV style groups:
    • one or more CSS styles,
    • values of properties for the control.
      A WEBDEV style applies to a specific type of control.
      The styles of a skin have standardized names. Therefore, the skins can be interchanged between themselves.
  • The images:
    The images supplied with the skin are used to define the visual aspect of the cells, tables, tab controls, etc.
  • The color palette:
    The default color palette of a skin can be replaced with any other color palette. For more details, see: Color palettes.
Sequence for applying the skins
The skin of a page can be defined at three different levels (in descending order of priority):
  • In the project.
  • In the page template from which the page inherits the properties.
  • In the page itself.
The general skin must be defined at project level.
If a set of pages must use a specific skin (the "Promotion" pages of a site for instance), you have the ability to replace the project skin: all you have to do is redefine it for a page template.
If a particular page must have a different skin, this skin can be chosen for the page itself.
Using the skins

Choosing the skin of a project

To choose the skin of a project:
  1. On the "Project" tab, in the "Project" group, click "Description".
  2. Select the "Skin Styles" tab.
  3. Choose a skin among the proposed ones (as well as its color palette) and validate.

Changing the skin of a page or page template

To change the skin of a page or page template:
  1. Select "Description" from the popup menu of the page.
  2. Select the "Style" tab.
  3. Click the browse button to select a skin.
  4. If the selected skin is "None", the project skin will be used.
Updating skins
If a skin used by a project was updated (which means modified), WEBDEV proposes to update this project when it is opened.
You have the ability not to select this new version of the skin, the previous skin being directly stored in each project.
Minimum version required
  • Version 15
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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