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  • Overview of the Cell control
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  • Creating a Cell control
  • Cell with relative positioning
  • Default events
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Overview of the Cell control

Control in a dynamic or static page

The Cell control contains controls.
The Cell control is used to:
  • define a color area. Controls can be positioned on this area.
    The color (or the background image) of the cell can be selected in the "Style" tab of the description window of control.
  • move up the controls found below a Drawer control when it is collapsed.
  • communicate with the user.
    Remark: it is recommended to use a Popup control to communicate with the user.
  • define an HTML table in a static page, etc.
Remark: The controls are associated with a cell. The option "The control can be overlaid" must not be checked for the controls associated with the Cell control. Indeed, if this option is checked, the control will not be associated with the cell.
Creating a Cell control
To create a Cell control:
  1. On the "Creation" tab, in the "Containers" group, click "Cell".
  2. Click where you want to create the control in the page. The control appears in the editor.
To view the characteristics of the control, select "Description" in the context menu.
Cell with relative positioning
The Cell control can be used in "relative positioning" mode.
In this mode, the controls located inside the cell are dynamically positioned from left to right and from top to bottom according to their size. This mode is used to eliminate the empty space left by an invisible control.
To define a cell in "relative positioning" mode:
  1. Display the description window of the cell.
  2. In the "General" tab, specify the positioning of controls:
    • Free (by default).
    • Relative, from right to left.
    • Relative, from left to right.
  3. Type the size of inside margin of cell (in pixels) in the "Style" tab ("Margins" element).
  4. Validate
Remark: In a cell with relative positioning, the rules of resizable areas continue to apply.
Default events
WEBDEV manages the following events by default:
EventRuntime condition
Initializing (Server code)Executed when the page is opened
Click (Browser code)Run when clicking the cell or a control in the cell.
Mouse move (Browser code)Run when moving the mouse in the cell or in a control in the cell.

Remark: No code is available in a static page.
WEBDEV allows you to automatically create a Cell control from a selection:
  1. Select the controls that must be included in the cell.
  2. On the "Modification" tab, in the "Transformations" group, expand "Refactoring and swapping" and select "Create a Cell control from the selection".
Related Examples:
The Cell control (Popup) Unit examples (WEBDEV): The Cell control (Popup)
[ + ] This example explains how to display the details in a popup cell.
The details are displayed in a movable cell made visible during the click.
Custom tooltip Unit examples (WEBDEV): Custom tooltip
[ + ] This example explains how to display a custom tooltip when an element is hovered by the mouse cursor.
The custom tooltip is a cell that is:
- displayed during the "Mouse over" event,
- hidden during the "Mouse out" event.
The Cell control (Move) Unit examples (WEBDEV): The Cell control (Move)
[ + ] This example explains how to use a movable cell.
This cell is moved by the mouse or by programming.
The Cell control (Animations) Unit examples (WEBDEV): The Cell control (Animations)
[ + ] This example explains how to create "furtive cells" in your WEBDEV sites.
A furtive cell is a cell that appears at the bottom of the page and that remains displayed during a given time.
These cells can be used to display notifications, adverts...
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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