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Stored procedures
The preset page templates provide some structures of pages corresponding to a wide range of sites and they also improve the re-usability and the graphic harmony between the projects.
Several templates are supplied with WEBDEV and new templates are supplied on a regular basis with the LST.
Using the preset page templates
To use a preset page template:
  1. Click in the quick access buttons.
  2. The creation window appears: click "Page" then "Page".
  3. In the window for creating a new page, choose a template in the "Use a preset template" section.
WEBDEV automatically adds two elements into the project:
  • a page template that corresponds to the selected template and that uses the project skin and color palette.
  • a blank page that uses the template.


  • If the preset template is already used in the project, a new copy will be added. In order for several pages to be based on the same preset template, you must:
    1. Create a first page with the above-mentioned method in order to import the preset template into the project.
    2. When creating the other pages, choose the template added into the project. This template will be proposed in the "Create a blank page or a page associated with a project template" section.
  • The same preset template can be added several times into a project so that it can be used with different skins or different color palettes for example.
  • Once it is added to the project, the preset template can be opened in the editor and modified like any other page template. For more information, see Page templates.
  • A preset page template can also be used as base template for creating another page template.
Minimum version required
  • Version 15
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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