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  • Operating mode of the nodes in a cluster
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Stored procedures
Disables a node in a HFSQL cluster.
  • HClusterDeleteNode is automatically called by the HFSQL Control Center. It is reserved for an advanced use.
  • HClusterDeleteNode does not uninstall the HFSQL server or modify the DNS records.
// Disables the host3 node in the cluster whose coordinator is found on
// the computer
HClusterDeleteNode("", "secret", "")
<Result> = HClusterDeleteNode(<Coordinator> , <Password> , <Node>)
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the addition was successful,
  • False otherwise. To get more details on the error, use ErrorInfo.
<Coordinator>: Character string
DNS name of computer where the cluster coordinator is installed.
<Password>: Character string
Password used to connect to the coordinator. This password was given when installing the cluster.
<Node>: Character string
DNS name of the node to disable.

Operating mode of the nodes in a cluster

The address of the cluster coordinator is written into the configuration file of each one of the nodes when they are installed. Therefore, when starting the HFSQL Server service, the node is automatically connected to the cluster.
Then, HClusterAddNode and HClusterDeleteNode can be used to include or exclude a node to/from the list of active cluster nodes.
When a node is enabled by HClusterAddNode, this node synchronizes its databases with the ones of the other nodes and it processes the connection requests from the clients.
When a node is disabled by HClusterDeleteNode, this node stops synchronizing its databases and it does no longer accept any connection from the client applications.
Business / UI classification: Business Logic
Component: wd290hf.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 15
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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