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  • Functions for managing an HFSQL cluster
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Stored procedures
Functions for managing an HFSQL cluster
The following functions are used to manage an HFSQL cluster:
HClusterAddNodeEnables a node in an HFSQL cluster.
HClusterDeleteNodeDisables a node in a HFSQL cluster.
HClusterIgnoreSynchroDefines a node of the HFSQL cluster as data source to perform the cluster synchronization.
HClusterMasterNodeReturns the name of the master node in an HFSQL cluster.
HClusterNodeInfoReturns the status of each cluster node by interrogating the coordinator.
HClusterParameterReads and modifies the parameters of an HFSQL cluster.
HClusterStartStarts an HFSQL cluster. This cluster was stopped beforehand (by HClusterStop for example).
HClusterStateReturns the status of an HFSQL cluster by interrogating its coordinator.
HClusterStopSuspends the execution of an HFSQL cluster. The nodes of the cluster will no longer accept any connection from the client applications.
HClusterSynchronizationErrorInfoReturns the error that occurred during the previous synchronization step of HFSQL cluster.
HClusterSynchronizationInfoReturns the progress of synchronization for a node of an HFSQL cluster.
You also have the ability to use the following functions:
HDeleteParameterDeletes a parameter previously saved by HSaveParameter.
HLoadParameterReads a parameter that was saved from a stored procedure by HSaveParameter.
HSaveParameterSaves a persistent value on the HFSQL server.
A specific installation package is required to use HFSQL Cluster.
This pack can be downloaded at no extra cost on PC SOFT site, in the download section of modules common to version 2024.
Minimum version required
  • Version 15
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Last update: 12/15/2023

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