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Stored procedures
Prints a vertical line at specified coordinates. Unlike iNewLine, the end of the line is squared (instead of being rounded). The line is drawn at cursor location (configured by iXPos).
The print job is not started (only iEndPrinting can be used to start the print job).
Remark: The origin (0,0) is located in the upper-left corner of the sheet. It takes the physical margins of the printer into account.
// Draws a vertical line between the line 5 (mm)
// and the line 10 (mm), with a 2-pica thickness
iVLine(5, 10, 2)
<Result> = iVLine(<Y1> , <Y2> [, <Thickness> [, <Color> [, <Style>]]])
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the line was printed,
  • False otherwise.
<Y1>: Real
Vertical coordinate of the beginning of line (in millimeters). Value between 0 and the page height (returned by iPageHeight).
<Y2>: Real
Vertical coordinate of the end of line (in millimeters). Value between 0 and the page height (returned by iPageHeight).
<Thickness>: Optional real
Line thickness (in picas). By default, this thickness is equal to 1 (one Pica = 0,353 mm).
To get a thickness of 1 pixel, <Thickness> must be equal to 0. When the thickness increases, it is proportionally distributed between the two sides of line.
<Color>: Optional integer
Color used for the line. If this parameter is not specified, the color used is black.
This color can correspond to:
<Style>: Optional integer constant
Type of line.
(default value)
Solid line
iDashedDashed line (-----)
iDotAndDashDot-and-dash line (-.-.)
iDottedDotted line (....)

WINDEVWEBDEV - Server code Caution: To get a dotted line, <Thickness> must be equal to 0. If <Thickness> is greater than or equal to 1, the line will always be a solid line. This parameter can be ignored if it is not supported by the printer driver.
  • The line is drawn at horizontal cursor position (configured by iXPos).
  • The cursor position is not modified when the outline is drawn.
  • A dotted line (iDotted constant) or a mixed line (iDotAndDash constant) combined with a thick border may produce unpleasant effects.
Component: wd300prn.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 06/21/2023

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