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Stored procedures
WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile propose several print methods:
  • the report editor, that is used to create "Preset reports".
  • the print functions in WLanguage.

The report editor

The report editor is used to create printed reports (in report or label format) containing information coming from data files.
We recommend that you create the printed reports with the report editor rather than with the WLanguage functions.
Java The reports created with the report editor are not available.

The print functions in WLanguage

However, for very specific development work, the report editor may not allow you to create the requested reports. In this case, you must use the print functions of WLanguage.
Caution: This chapter describes the principle for printing in WLanguage.
Principle for printing in WLanguage
The steps for printing in WLanguage as are follows:

Printing in Linux

Only the prints in PDF format are available in Linux.
A specific configuration is required to print in Linux. For more details, see Printing in Linux.
Related Examples:
Printing by programming Unit examples (WINDEV): Printing by programming
[ + ] Operating mode of a print performed by programming (which means without using the report editor)
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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