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Stored procedures
Drag and Drop management functions
The following functions are used to manage Drag and Drop:
DnDAcceptIndicates the action accepted by the target of Drag/Drop and manages the mouse cursor during Drag/Drop.
DnDCacheDashElementAdds a widget into a Dashboard control during Drag and Drop.
DnDCacheDataIndicates the type of data and the data to copy/move during Drag/Drop.
DnDCursorManages the mouse cursor and specifies the action allowed during Drag and Drop.
DnDEventIndicates the procedure to run during an event of Drag/Drop.
DnDForceDnDForce is kept for backward compatibility.
DnDGetDataRetrieves a specific type of data during Drag/Drop.
DnDIsDataAvailableChecks whether a specific type of data is available during Drag/Drop.
ExplorerAcceptEnables or disables the ability to perform "Drag and Drop" from the Windows explorer to a WINDEV window or control.
ExplorerRetrieveRetrieves the number and the name of the files "dropped" from the explorer.
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