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Stored procedures
InitialValue (Property)
In french: ValeurInitiale
The InitialValue property is used to get the initial value of a control in a window or page. This value corresponds to the initial value defined in the editor ("Content" tab of the control description window).
// Initialize the value of "EDT_Customer" with its initial value
EDT_Customer = EDT_Customer.InitialValue
<Initial value> = <Control used>.InitialValue
<Initial value>: Any type
Initial value of specified control.
<Control used>: Control name
Name of the control to be used.

ActiveX control

For an ActiveX control, the initial value corresponds to the COM identifier (ProgID) of the ActiveX selected when creating the window.

Chart control

For a Chart control, the initial value corresponds to the image displayed in the control background, selected when creating the window or the page.

Drawer control

For a Drawer control, the InitialValue property corresponds to the state of a control (expanded (1) or collapsed(0)) selected when the control was created.

Combo Box control

For a Combo Box control, the InitialValue property is used to read again the initial string assigned to the element.
For example, if the following code is used to add an element:
ListAdd(COMBO_Combo1, gImage(nImageNum,i) + "Customer.CustomerName" + i + ...
gStoredValue("Customer.CustomerName" + i))
the following code is used to read the initial string again:
Remark: The result of DisplayedValue does not allow you to retrieve information about te content added by gStoredValue.


WINDEV In a window, the InitialValue property cannot be used on:
  • a window,
  • a Static control,
  • a Button control,
  • a Shape control,
  • an option in a radio button or check box,
  • a row in a list box, listview or table,
  • a cell or a column in a table,
  • a menu,
  • a tab pane,
  • a group of controls,
  • an element in a TreeView control.
Java The InitialValue property applies only to the following elements:
  • Edit control.
  • Image control.
  • Check Box control.
  • Radio Button control.
  • List Box control.
  • Combo Box control.
  • Table control.
  • Supercontrol.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 06/06/2023

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