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Stored procedures
InitialValue (Property)
In french: ValeurInitiale
The InitialValue property is used to get the initial value of a control in a window or page. This value corresponds to the initial value defined in the editor ("Content" tab of the control description window).
// Initialize the value of "EDT_Customer" with its initial value
EDT_Customer = EDT_Customer.InitialValue
<Initial value> = <Control used>.InitialValue
<Initial value>: Any type
Initial value of specified control.
<Control used>: Control name
Name of the control to be used.
WEBDEV - Server codeAjax

iFrame control

For an iFrame control, the InitialValue property corresponds to:
  • the name of the page displayed (name selected in the description window of iFrame control). For example: "MyPage1".
  • a full URL if the page displayed corresponds to a page of another Internet site.
WEBDEV - Server codeAjax

Chart control

For a Chart control, the initial value corresponds to the image displayed in the control background, selected when creating the window or the page.


WEBDEV - Server code In a page, the InitialValue property can only be used on:
  • an Edit control,
  • a formatted display control,
  • a Combo Box control,
  • a List Box control,
  • a Static control,
  • a Table control,
  • a Rich Text Area control,
  • a layout cell (if the cell is in stream mode).
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 06/06/2023

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