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  • Creating a Radio Button control
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The Radio Button control is a control allowing the user to select an option among several ones.
A radio button can display up to 256 options arranged in several rows and columns. A single option can be selected by the user. The radio button returns the number of the selected option.
  • In WINDEV or WINDEV Mobile:
  • In WEBDEV:
Creating a Radio Button control

Creating a Radio Button control

To create a Radio Button control:
  1. On the "Creation" tab, in the "Usual controls" group, click "Radio Button".
  2. Click where the control will be created in the window or page. The control appears in the editor.
WINDEVWINDEV Mobile Tip: You also have the ability to create a "preset" radio button by expanding "Radio button". The list of available controls is displayed with the project skin template. Simply click the control you want to create in the editor.
To view the characteristics of the control, select "Description" in the context menu.
WINDEV Remark: You can manage a general tooltip for the control or a tooltip specific to each option.

Limitations in Java

The following characteristics are not supported in Java:
  • proportional columns (if the options of the radio button are displayed over several columns).
  • multiline captions for the options of radio buttons.
  • formatted text for the options of radio buttons (R. T. F.).
  • help number associated with each option of the radio button.

Limitations in Android and iOS

Only images are supported for option checkmarks. If no image is specified, the system image is used. The elements "Checkmark" and "Checkmark border", in the style of Radio Button controls, are ignored.
Display modes available
WINDEVUniversal Windows 10 AppiPhone/iPad
WINDEV and WINDEV Mobile propose different display modes for the radio buttons:
  • standard radio button,
  • standard radio button with sub-captions,
  • radio button in Vista style (an image can be used for each option),
  • radio button in Vista style with sub-captions (an image can be used for each option).
The display mode of the radio button can be selected in the "General" tab of the control description. The "Content" tab is used to enter the characteristics specific to the display mode (image, sub-caption, row height, etc.) in the different languages of the application. These elements can be modified by programming.
The programming mode can change according to the type of display. For more details, see Handling a radio button by programming.
LinuxUniversal Windows 10 AppiPhone/iPad Only the standard mode and the standard mode with sub-captions are proposed.
WINDEV, WINDEV Mobile and WEBDEV allow you to automatically transform a Radio Button control into a Check Box control (and conversely):
  1. Select the control to transform.
  2. On the "Modification", in the "Transformations" group, expand "Refactoring and swapping" and select "Radio Button / Check Box".
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HTMLClass property Unit examples (WEBDEV): HTMLClass property
[ + ] The property ..HTMLClass allows you to read and update the control's HTML attribute "class".
This property lets you select the CSS Style applied on the control.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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