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How Session mode pages work
WEBDEV includes several types of pages to create dynamic sites:
Pages in session mode
Session-mode pages use, as their name suggests, a session.. This session is created on the server when the site's first Page is displayed, and contains all the elements required for dialogue with the surfer. This session remains on the server until the user logs off (or until the defined timeout)..
Here is how it works:
When an Page is displayed in Session mode, the following operations are performed:
  1. Request page display.
  2. Launch of the WEBDEV engine. This engine remains on the server until the application is closed.
  3. Application context creation. This context remains on the server until the application is closed.
  4. The WEBDEV engine executes the server code and builds the HTML page (e.g., from the data in the database).
  5. Once the HTML page is entirely built, the server transmits the result to the client (the browser).
A page context is automatically created on the server each time a page is displayed in the browser. This page context contains all the elements required to build the page viewed by the end user:
  • global variables,
  • local variables,
  • server processes,
  • database connections,
  • file contexts, etc.
The page contexts remain on the server until the end of the WEBDEV session.
Pages in Session mode cannot be referenced.
The WEBDEV session and the page contexts are automatically managed by default. No programming is required.
SEO-ready pages in Session mode
Pages in referenced session mode also use the session principle.. However, the session is not created when the first Page on the site is displayed, but when any Page on the site is displayed.
In fact, since pages in referencable session mode can all be referenced, they can all be displayed independently, via a specific URL.
When the user requests an Page display via this URL, if the session does not exist on the server, it is automatically recreated.. The next pages displayed from this page will use this same session.
Minimum version required
  • Version 11
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Last update: 11/23/2023

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