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Icon fonts improve the presentation of a title, caption or text. For example, you can include images (icons) in HTML text.
All WEBDEV controls with text use HTML by default: static, button, ... This text uses an integrated HTML editor. The HTML editor is used to customize the text (font, size, color, etc.) via the options of the "Text" tab in the ribbon:
The integrated HTML editor also includes a button allowing you to add an icon into the text.
Adding an icon
To add an icon into an HTML caption:
  1. Position the cursor in the HTML text you want to modify.
  2. Click the Font icons button .
  3. The following window appears.
  4. Select the family of icons in the list of fonts.
  5. Select the desired icon and confirm, or simply double-click the icon. The icon is added into the HTML caption at cursor position.
Caution: The current project configuration must handle Unicode strings at runtime. This option is available in the configuration description window.
Minimum version required
  • Version 22
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Last update: 02/02/2024

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