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Stored procedures
A non-maximized window can occupy a section of the screen only. Most of the time, the non-maximized windows are used to display information messages.
Creating a non-maximized window
To create a non-maximized window:
  1. Click in the quick access buttons.
    • The new element window appears: click "Window" then "Window".
    • The window creation wizard starts.
    • Select "Blank for iPad" or "Blank for iPhone" in the wizard and validate.
  2. The window is created in the editor.
  3. Display the description window ("Description" in the context menu).
  4. In the "Style" tab, select "Non-maximized window".
    • The "Window with arrow" option is used to create a window with arrow.
    • This type of window is available for iPad only.
  5. Validate.
Characteristics of non-maximized windows

Window size

The size of window when it is opened can be modified in the "Details" tab of the description window.
By default, the window is centered in relation to the screen.
Remark: The minimum and maximum heights and widths of the window can be defined in the "Style" tab of the description window ("Min/Max size" button).

Opening a non-maximized window

The opening of a non-maximized window is performed by OpenChild or by OpenMobileWindow.
For example:

Clipped window

A non-maximized window can be clipped (non-rectangular window). To do so, use an image in PNG format.
To clip a non-maximized window:
  • In the "Style" tab of the window description, select the "Transparent" background color.
  • In the "Image" tab of the window description, select:
    • a background image in PNG format,
    • the "According to image" transparency mode.
      Remark: The image transparency is supported by the PNG format.


The title bar of a non-maximized window is displayed for the Window with arrow windows only.
Minimum version required
  • Version 18
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Last update: 06/12/2023

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