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WINDEV and WEBDEV propose an optional Native Progress Connector (or "Native Access to Progress"). This Native Connector allows you to access a Progress database from a WLanguage program.
Caution: This version of the Native Progress Connector is only supported in WINDEV or WEBDEV SaaS. This Native Connector is only available in 32 bits.
Required configuration

Conditions for using a Native Progress Connector

  • Progress Version 7.3 C (or later) on the server (tests have been run with Progress version 9.1D)
  • The Progress client on each computer that access Progress (minimum version: 8.2A).
    The Progress client version 11 is supported.

Required files

The following files are required to use a Native Progress Connector:
  • the Progress client DLL. This DLL is installed by the client library of Progress. See the license agreement of Progress for more details about the distribution conditions of this DLL.
  • wd300prgs.dll: Required for a Native Connector to a Progress database. This file is provided with the Native Progress Connector.

Connection to a Progress database

The Native Connector uses the Progress client library to connect to the server.
The DLL used by the Native Connector can correspond to the ODBC driver used to access Progress. The name of this DLL can change according to the Progress versions. The following checks must be performed in order to define the DLL to load:
1. Checking the extended information of the connection.
If the name of the DLL is specified in the extended information of the connection (WD CLIENT LIBRARY parameter), this DLL is loaded.
Example: "WD CLIENT LIBRARY= C:\Program Files (x86)\Progress\OpenEdge\bin\pgoe1023.dll"
Example: Connecting to a Progress database while specifying the client layer to use and the port:
// Define a Connection variable
// At best: use the name of the connection defined in the analysis
// (in this case, don't declare the variable here)
ctProgress is Connection
// Name of Progress server
ctProgress.Server = "NameProgressServer"
// Name of the database
ctProgress.Database = "Database"
// User of the database
ctProgress.User = "user"
// Password of the database
ctProgress.Password = "PWD"
// Native Progress Connector
ctProgress.Provider = hNativeAccessProgress
// Extended information to specify the port and location of the Progress client library
ctProgress.ExtendedInfo = "PORT=25000;WD CLIENT LIBRARY=" + ...
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Progress\OpenEdge\bin\pgoe1023.dll"
// Test of the connection to the database
IF NOT HOpenConnection(ctProgress) THEN
Error("Failure connecting to the database", HErrorInfo())
2. Checking the ODBC data source.
The name of the data source corresponds to an ODBC data source defined on the runtime computer. In this case, the Native Connector uses the ODBC driver of the ODBC data source.
3. Solution kept for backward compatibility with the earlier versions: searching for the "WDPRGS.INI" file
The Windows directory contains a "WDPRGS.INI" file that includes the following information:
where <DLL Name> corresponds to the full path of the Progress DLL. This DLL can also correspond to the ODBC driver used to access Progress.
Example of WDPRGS.INI file:
DRIVER = C:\program Files\PROGRESS\bin\pgpro915.dll
4. If no DLL was loaded during the previous steps, the Native Connector tries to load the PGPRO915.DLL DLL.
Remark: In most cases, the directory of the Progress client library must be added into the PATH of the computer (for example: C:\Program Files\PROGRESS\bin).

Using a Native Progress Connector in WINDEV applications or WEBDEV sites

To use the Native Progress Connector, you must program:
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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