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Stored procedures
To improve project monitoring, the Project Management Hub shows the evolution of new and fixed incidents over a given period of time, by one or multiple contributors.
Viewing trends
To view the trend of new and fixed incidents in the Project Management Hub:
  1. Open the "Incidents" tab.
  2. In the ribbon, in the "Management" group, click "Trend".
  3. The statistics window appears.
    This window shows the number of bugs created and fixed, trended over a period of time, according to multiple criteria:
    • the view mode:
      • "Development": Incidents created or fixed over the given time period and assigned to the selected contributors.
      • "Test": Incidents created or fixed over the given time period and whose contributors are also the authors.
    • the contributors(s) included in the trend. If no contributor is selected, all the contributors will be included.
    • the set of incidents, if necessary. If no set is selected, all the incidents will be included.
    • the time period taken into account.
Minimum version required
  • Version 27
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Last update: 08/31/2023

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