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  • Parameters of a site
  • Access rights for using the site
  • Access rights for performing a remote setup in anonymous mode
  • Access rights for performing a remote setup in authenticated mode
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Stored procedures
Deployment documentation

License agreement

The license agreement of WEBDEV entirely enforces for all the modules.
We remind you that a "WEBDEV Application Server" license is required for each server where a WEBDEV site is deployed, in addition to the license of the development computer.
The provider must own as many "WEBDEV Application Server" licenses as the number of WEBDEV servers in exploitation. For more details, see the license of "WEBDEV Application Server".
Parameters of a site
The parameters of a site are grouped in the server registry in the following key:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\PC Soft\WebDev\28.0\Applications\NOMSITE]
where SITENAME is the name of the relevant site.
The different values are:
Value nameTypeMeaning
PROJECTNAMEStringProject name
PROJECTPATHStringProject setup path
VERSIONStringVersion deployed
VIMAGEDIRStringName of virtual directory of images
HFPATHStringPath of HFSQL data files
AS400DWORD1 if the site uses the Native AS/400 Connector
LOCKFORUPDATEString1 if the site is locked
LOGDIRStringPath of log files
MAXCONNECTAPPStringMaximum number of connected users
MAXRECONNECTAPPStringMaximum number of users connected with the same address
TIMEOUT_NORQStringMaximum duration (in seconds) of a request before disconnection
Access rights for using the site
Several access rights are required to operate the WEBDEV site. These rights affect the anonymous Internet user of the server (which means the Windows account that runs WD280AWP.EXE). The table below presents a summary of these rights.
Site directoryget
Data directoryRead/Write
_WEB directoryget
WEBDEV directoryRead/Run

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\PC Soft\WebDev\28.0get

ExecutableRuntime mode
WD280AWP.EXEExecution in anonymous mode by using the Internet guest account
Access rights for performing a remote setup in anonymous mode
Additional access rights are required to remotely install and update an application in anonymous mode. These are:
Site directoryRead/Write
Data directoryRead/Write
_WEB directoryRead/Write
WEBDEV directoryRead/Run
Directory of WEBDEV accountsRead/Write
Base directory of the FTP account used for the installationRead/Write

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\PC Soft\WebDev\28.0\ApplicationsRead/Write

ExecutableRuntime mode
WD280INSTAWP.EXEExecution in authenticated mode by using the basic authentication. The execution rights must be granted to the Windows users who perform the setup (rights identical to the FTP account)
Access rights for performing a remote setup in authenticated mode
To install and update an application in authenticated mode, the access rights must be granted to a second account.
The account must be a Windows account with the same parameters as the FTP account used for remote setup (automatic if the FTP server is IIS). The rights to associate with this account are the same as the ones in the above table.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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