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Stored procedures
WDINT allows you to create a file containing messages to translate and start the WDTrad translation tool. WDTrad features a dictionary that allows you to keep your translations. Thus, data already translated is automatically found in the dictionary in subsequent translations.
Creating a file of messages to translate
To create a translation file:
  1. In the WDINT wizard, select "Check out the messages to translate". Go to the next step of the wizard.
  2. Select the language of messages to check out.
  3. Specify the name and path of the file to generate. This file will contain the messages to translated in the selected check-out language. By default, the file name is "framework.wdmsg" and it is saved in the "Personal" subdirectory of the product used.
    Remark: The "wdmsg" file format corresponds to the format used by the WDtrad translation tool (supplied with WDINT). It is also possible to:
    • check out the resources in text format (txt extension): the translation file can be translated with WDTRAD (supplied with WDINT) or another translation tool.
    • check out the resources in HFSQL format (fic extension): the translation file can be translated only with WDTRAD (redistributable tool supplied with WDINT).
  4. At the end of the wizard, WDINT automatically launches WDTRAD if it has been installed on the computer.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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