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  • Using PageRefresh in a event in AJAX mode
  • Pre-launched sessions
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Stored procedures
Refreshes a page displayed in the user's browser from the context on the server. This function is mainly used for sites in Session mode.
Caution: The page context must exist on the server. The page context is created by PageDisplay and ContextOpen. All the events linked to the page or to the controls have already been run.
// Refresh PAGE_Page1
<Page>: Page name
Name of the page to refresh.
If this parameter is not specified or is an empty string (""), the page name corresponds to the page related to the current event.

Using PageRefresh in a event in AJAX mode

Reminder: AJAX is used to refresh the data modified in an HTML page without redisplaying the entire page. For more details, see AJAX.
If PageRefresh is used in an event in AJAX mode ("AJAX enabled" is displayed in the event bar) and if this event is used to solely or systematically refresh a page, the AJAX technology becomes useless. In AJAX mode, PageRefresh must be reserved for special cases.
During a long process, AJAXExecuteAsynchronous allows you to display a wait message.

Pre-launched sessions

If your project uses pre-launched sessions, this function must not be used in the project initialization event. This function must be used in the "Initializing the project after connection to the site" event.
Component: wd290page.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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