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Stored procedures
HRplFilterProcedure (Function)
In french: hRPlProcédureFiltre
ODBCOLE DBNot available with these kinds of connection
Defines the WLanguage procedure that will be called whenever a replication operation is performed on a specific data file. This procedure is run by HCreateMovableReplica and HSynchronizeReplica.
Remark: This function can be used during the universal replication only.
// The procedure validates the messages.
// MessageValidation will be called for each replicated message
HRplFilterProcedure(Messages, "MessageValidation")
// Prepare to send messages to Paris (from MPL)
HCreateMovableReplica("P:\MSG\MSG.RPM", "Paris", "C:\Temp\")
<Result> = HRplFilterProcedure(<File name> , <Procedure name>)
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the operation was performed,
  • False if a problem occurred (the specified tables and items do not exist for example). HError is used to identify the error.
    Caution: <Result> is set to True even if the specified files/tables are not replicated.
<File name>: Character string
Name of the data file or table on which the procedure must be run.
<Procedure name>: Character string corresponding to a WLanguage procedure
Name of a WLanguage procedure found in the WINDEV application or in the WEBDEV website. This procedure must be created in your application. This procedure expects no parameter. This procedure is called before each operation performed on the destination file. Several variables can be used in this procedure. If this procedure returns False, the operation is not performed. This procedure is used to:
  • filter the records that must not be replicated.
  • manage the conflicts, by adjusting the values before a duplicate error occurs.
Component: wd290rpl.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 12/04/2023

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