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Stored procedures
CtCursorOptions (Property)
In french: CxOptionsCurseur
OLE DBAvailable only with this kind of connection
The CtCursorOptions property is used to get the type of cursor used when connecting to an external database.
The type of cursor was defined in HDescribeConnection or HOpenConnection.
// Find out the type of cursor used for all the browse operations performed
// via "MyConnection"
<Type of cursor> = <File name/connection>.CtCursorOptions
<Type of cursor>: Integer constant
Returns the type of cursor used. This parameter can correspond to one or more of the following constants:
Location of cursors
hClientCursorCursor managed by MDAC. Offers more features than a server cursor. A client cursor must necessarily be a static cursor.
hServerCursorCursor managed by the database. This cursor can easily apply the changes performed by the other users to the data.
Type of cursor
hDynamicCursorCursor offering a lot of features but consuming a lot of memory. This cursor allows all types of moves. It allows you to access all the modifications, additions and deletions performed by the other users.
hForwardOnlyCursorFast cursor consuming little memory. The move is performed from the first record to the last one. The data modified by the other users is not visible.
hOpenKeysetCursorCursor that handles a fixed set of records. Only the keys corresponding to the record are stored and not the records (consumes less memory). The deleted records can no longer be accessed. Modifications performed by other users are visible (but records added are not).
hStaticCursorMakes a copy of all query records in memory (consumes a lot of memory). All types of moves are allowed.
Lock modes
hReadOnlyCursorThe set of records cannot be modified.
hOptimisticCursorThe record is locked when it is updated
hPessimisticCursorThe record is locked as soon as it goes into edit mode to be modified.
Remark: If no constant was specified in HDescribeConnection, this parameter is set to 0.
Caution: some types of cursors may not be supported by all the OLE DB providers.
<File name/connection>: Character string
The CtCursorOptions property is used to get the type of cursor used in a connection. This property is kept for backward compatibility. It is recommended to use the CursorOptions property.
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  • Version 9
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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