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Stored procedures
The AnchorRateWidth property is used to:
  • Find out the anchor rate when a control (or a table column) stretches on the horizontal axis.
  • Modify the anchor rate when a control (or a table column) stretches on the horizontal axis.
The anchor rate is used to define how the control is moved or resized in relation to the evolution of size of window (or report) to which it is anchored. The anchor rate corresponds to the percentage by which the control moves in relation to the window (or report). Therefore, if the anchor rate is set to 0, the control will not be resized. If it is set to 1000, the control will be resized normally.
The horizontal anchor rate (AnchorRateWidth property) is applied if the control is anchored horizontally(anchorWidth constant used with the Anchor property).
// The List Box control is enlarged by 50% of the new window size (500 for 1000).
LIST_ListPersons.AnchorRateWidth = 500

Getting the anchor rate when enlarging a control horizontally Hide the details

<Result> = <Control used>.AnchorRateWidth
<Result>: Integer
Anchor rate included between 0 (unstretched control) and 1000 (standard anchor)
<Control used>: Control name
Name of control (or column) to use. This control can be a control:
  • of a window.
  • Reports and Queries of a report.

Anchoring a control

  • Reports and Queries In a report, the Anchor property is used to find out how the control is resized or moved when the report is resized. This behavior was defined in the report editor.
    For more details, see Anchoring controls in a report.


Reports and Queries The AnchorRateWidth property applies to all the controls in a report. In this case, you can only find out the anchor rate used.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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