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Stored procedures
The FontName property is used to:
  • Identify the font used in a control.
  • Change the font used in a control.
// Modify the font used in "EDT_CustomerName" control
EDT_CustomerName.FontName = "Arial"

Identifying the font used in a control Hide the details

<Result> = <Control used>.FontName
<Result>: Character string
Name of the font used in the specified control.
<Control used>: Control name
Name of the control to be used.

Changing the font used in a control Hide the details

<Control used>.FontName = <New font>
<Control used>: Control name
Name of the control to be used.
<New font>: Character string
New font used in the specified control.


WINDEVWEBDEV - Server codeWINDEV MobileReports and QueriesUniversal Windows 10 AppiPhone/iPad In a report, the FontName property can only be used on:
  • a URL Link control.
  • a Static control.
  • a Calculated control.
  • a Preset control.
WINDEVWINDEV Mobile In a window, the FontName property cannot be used on:
  • a Spin control,
  • WINDEV a Web Camera control,
  • WINDEV a Conference control.
Remark: This property applies to the "ListView" controls in "List Box" display mode only.
WEBDEV - Server code In a page, the FontName property can be used on:
  • a Static control,
  • an edit control,
  • a Button control,
  • a Check Box control,
  • a Radio Button control,
  • a List Box control,
  • a column in Table control,
  • a cell of a Table control (read only),
  • a formatted display control,
  • an HTML control,
  • a Combo Box control,
  • a Link control,
  • an HTML Static control,
  • a Pager control,
  • a Breadcrumb control (except in PHP),
  • a TreeView control,
  • a menu.
Java The FontName property applies only to the following elements:
  • Button control.
  • Static control.
  • Combo Box control.
  • TreeView control.
  • Column of a Table control.
PHP PHP: Files of fonts
In PHP, the files of corresponding fonts must be accessible (ttf files).
These files must be in the directory of the site (directory _WEB returned by fWebDir) and be named as follows:
  • <Name of standard font>
  • <Name of standard font>_Bold
  • <Name of standard font>_Italic
  • <Name of standard font>_Italic_Bold
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
This page is also available for…
exemplo fontName
EDT_OBSERVACAO..FontName = "Arial"
STC_NoName1..FontName = "Arial"


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