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Password (Property)
In french: Password
ODBCHFSQL ClassicNot available with these kinds of connection
The Password property can be used:
  • on the edit controls (or on the text table columns).
    In this case, Password is used you to:
    • find out whether an edit control is a "Password" control
    • modify (if necessary) the password type of an edit control.
    The "Password" option allows the user to type a text without this text being visible on the screen: all the characters typed are replaced with stars ("*").
    Remark: The "Password" type is an option that applies to the edit controls. This option is available in the "General" tab of the control description.
  • on the connections (HFSQL Client/Server, OLE DB, etc.).
    In this case, the Password property sets the password of the user using the connection. In this case, if the connection is currently opened, it will be closed and re-opened with the new parameters during the first access to a file that uses this connection.
    Remark: The connection can correspond to:
Universal Windows 10 AppAndroid
// Is the "EDT_BankAccount" control a "Password" control?
ResPassword = EDT_BankAccount.Password
Universal Windows 10 AppiPhone/iPadHFSQL Client/ServerNative Connectors (Native Accesses)
MyConnection is Connection
// Describe the connection
MyConnection.User = "USER"
MyConnection.Password = "PASSWORD"
MyConnection.Server = "MYSERVER" 
MyConnection.Database = "Database"
MyConnection.Provider = hAccessHFClientServer
MyConnection.Access = hOReadWrite
MyConnection.ExtendedInfo = "Extended information"
MyConnection.CursorOptions = hClientCursor
Universal Windows 10 AppAndroid

Finding out whether an edit control is a "Password" control Hide the details

<Result> = <Edit control>.Password
<Result>: Boolean
  • True if the specified control is a "Password" control,
  • False otherwise.
<Edit control>: Control name
Name of the edit control (or name of the Table column) to use.
Universal Windows 10 AppAndroid

Modifying the "Password" type of an edit control Hide the details

<Edit control>.Password = <New type>
<Edit control>: Control name
Name of the edit control (or name of the table column) to use.
<New type>: Boolean
  • True if the specified control must be a "Password" control,
  • False otherwise.
Universal Windows 10 AppAndroidiPhone/iPadHFSQL Client/ServerNative Connectors (Native Accesses)

Defining the password used during a connection Hide the details

<Connection>.Password = <New password>
<Connection>: Character string
Name of the connection used. This name is defined:
<New password>: Character string
Password of the current user that will be used for the specified connection.
Universal Windows 10 AppAndroid

"Password" option

The "Password" option only affects the display of the control content. The value of the control corresponds to the characters typed by the user (and not to the stars ("*")).
Universal Windows 10 AppAndroidiPhone/iPad


The Password property applies only to:
  • the edit controls.
  • the text table columns.
Android The Password property does not apply to text table columns.
Related Examples:
WD Password Complete examples (WINDEV): WD Password
[ + ] The WD Password example is a "password chest". It can be used to manage the passwords created when using Internet sites but also passwords created for everyday life (such as PIN numbers, ATM codes, ....).
The security of the data is guaranteed by the use of HFSQL encryption. Therefore, even if the files containing this information happen to be stolen, this information cannot be used without knowing the main password.
The example can also be used to generate very strong passwords.
WM Password Cross-platform examples (WINDEV Mobile): WM Password
[ + ] Web sites, bank accounts, ... passwords are everywhere in out life. With WM Password, no need to store all the passwords of your different accounts. The application stores all your passwords in a secure way. WM Password can also generate secure passwords for you.
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  • Version 9
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