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Stored procedures
NumberColumn (Property)
In french: NombreColonne
The NumberColumn property is used to:
  • Get the number of columns in:
    • a Table or TreeView Table control.
    • a Looper control.
    • a Radio Button control.
    • a Check Box control.
    • a Dashboard control.
  • Set the number of columns:
    • in a multi-column List Box control. The number of columns in a multicolumn List Box control cannot be less than 2.
// --Process for resizing the window
// If the width of the window is modified:
// - the width of the List Box is modified
LIST_Mylist.Width = MyWindow.Width - 30
// - the number of columns in the List Box control is modified
// according to the new window width
LIST_Mylist.NumberColumn = LIST_Mylist.Width/50

Getting the number of columns in a control Hide the details

<Number of columns> = <Control used>.NumberColumn
<Number of columns>: Integer
  • Number of columns found in the specified multicolumn List Box control.
  • Number of columns found in the specified Table control.
  • Number of columns found in the specified Check Box or Radio Button control.
  • Number of cells present in the width of the specified Dashboard control.
  • Number of columns found in the specified Looper control.
  • 1 if the specified element does not correspond to a control that can be processed.
<Control used>: Control name
Name of control whose number of columns is requested.


The NumberColumn property applies only to:
  • Table or TreeView Table controls.
  • Radio Button controls.
  • Check Box controls.
  • Dashboard controls.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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