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Many devices (Android, iPhone, etc.) are now used to display Websites, but the screen of these devices is often smaller than the screen of desktop computers.
WEBDEV allows you to define the target platform and the screen size for each page of the site. This gives you the ability to develop specific sites for Mobile Apple (iPad or iPhone), for Mobile BlackBerry, ...
How to?
To develop sites for specific platforms, the following operations must be performed in each page of the site:
  1. Open the page description window: on the "Page" tab, in the "Description" group, click "Description".
  2. In the "UI" tab, define the display mode on mobile devices:
    • Display page at 100%. It may overflow the screen.: in this case, you can specify if the user can change the zoom. You can also specify the maximum and minimum zoom values.
    • Adjust zoom so that the page fits the screen (horizontally): in this case, zoom will be automatically set according to the size of the mobile device.
For more details regarding the development of a site for:
Minimum version required
  • Version 16
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