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Stored procedures
The document tabs allow you to navigate between the different elements opened in the different editors. Both the code and the UI appear in these tabs.
Open document tabs
Hovering over a tab opens a preview thumbnail: window, report, query, code ....
Document preview in the tabs
Each document can be closed by clicking the close icon in the tab or in the preview thumbnail. You can also click the mouse wheel: the hovered element is then closed.
Each tab has a context menu with several options. The "Close all but this" option is absolutely essential.
If the tabs overflow the available space, they become scrollable: simply use the mouse wheel to scroll through the different elements. You can also drag and drop tabs.
The list of all open elements can also be displayed in a menu.
Remark: The context menu of the open documents bar (not of an individual tab) allows you to open recently closed elements ("Recently closed" option).
Minimum version required
  • Version 16
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Last update: 06/27/2023

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