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Properties of a link
When creating a link, all you have to do is specify the page that must be opened when the link is clicked. By default, the created link is used to open the page specified in the current help page.
However, the type of the link and the destination of the page to display can be defined in the properties of the link.
To display the properties of the link:
  1. Position the mouse cursor on the requested link.
  2. Select "Link properties" in the context menu (right mouse click).
Properties of a link
The following information is displayed in this window:
  • Text of the link: Link caption. The caption will be underlined in the help page. The underlining informs the user that a link is available.
  • Hyperlink to: Type of the link. A link is used to open:
    • another page of the help system.
    • an Internet page.
    • an anchor of a page.
    • a link toward a page found in another help file. Caution: the WDH file corresponding to the second help system must be found in the project directory.
  • Destination page: Page that must be opened by the link. This option corresponds to:
    • one of the pages found in the current help system.
    • an Internet address ( for example).
    • an anchor on one of the pages found in the current help system.
    • a page found in another help system found in the project directory.
  • Opening mode: Opening mode of the page opened by the link. The available options are:
    • Current window: The page uses the same description as the current help window.
    • Popup window (open a help page only): The help page is displayed as a popup (tooltip).
      Caution: In this case, the help page must have no fixed area.
    • Specific window: The help page will be opened in the selected help window.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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