• Allowing the decompilation
  • Compiling the information for the full-text search
  • Creating a binary index
  • Creating a binary table of contents
  • Remark
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Stored procedures
Compilation options (chm format)
Allowing the decompilation
If this option is checked, the help file in CHM format can be decompiled (by the appropriate tool), allowing you to get all the HTML pages as well as the files used by these pages (images for example).
The decompilation a help system is an easy way to get the different pages found in a help system from the compiled file without having the sources of the help system.
Compiling the information for the full-text search
This option allows you to propose an advanced search mode ("Search" tab of the help).
To propose this mode, a list of words used in all the page of the help system is automatically created during the compilation.
In order for this option to be available in help systems created with WINDEV, you must own the full help compiler.
Remark: Advanced search: In this mode, the text typed by the user will be sought in all the help pages of the file. When the search is validated, the list of pages containing the text is displayed. Only the titles of the pages are displayed in this list. All you have to do is select the page to display it.
Creating a binary index
If this option is checked, a binary index is created. This index will be compiled in the CHM help file directly. Therefore, the size occupied by the index will be reduced.
This option is required if you want your index to be sorted in alphabetical order.
Creating a binary table of contents
This option is recommended for the large help systems so that the summary loads faster when the help file is opened. It also reduces the time required to open a help page from the summary.
For security reasons, Windows now only allows the CHM files to be run locally. You cannot start a CHM file found on the network.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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