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Stored procedures
Help system properties
The properties of the help system are used to define:
To view the properties of the help system, go to the "Modification" tab, "Help system" group and click "Description".
"General" tab
In the "General" tab, you have the ability to define:
  • the logical name of the help file. This name will be used to handle the help file in WINDEV. By default, this name corresponds to the physical name of the help file.
  • the default page of the help file. This page will be the first page displayed by default. Select this page among the pages found in your help system.
  • the title of the help. This title will be displayed in the title bar of the help file.
"Languages" tab
The "Languages" tab is used to define the different languages supported by the help system. Indeed, several languages can be supported by a help system. For more details, see Creating a multilingual help system.
Reminder: By default, your help system and the project support the same languages. To modify these languages (to add or remove languages for example):
  1. Display the description of the help system:
    • on the "Modification" tab, in the "Help system" group, click "Description".
    • display the "Languages" tab.
  2. Select the languages that will be supported by your help system. The "Synchronize with the project" button allows you to automatically take into account all the languages supported by the project.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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