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Stored procedures
Identifier of help pages
To display a specific help page from your WINDEV application, an identifier must be specified for each page found in your help system.
This identifier is unique. It will be used:
  • in the description of the controls ("Help" tab).
  • through programming with WHelp.
The identifiers of help pages can be defined:
  • in the description of the page.
    Remark: This method does not allow you to have a global view of all the identifiers used in the help system.
  • in the summary window of page identifiers: on the "Modification" tab, in the "Help system" group, click "Help page identifiers".
Window for managing the page identifiers
This window displays the identifier associated with each page. You can:
  • modify the identifier of the pages in the list of pages.
  • use one of the functions for automatic numbering:
    • "Auto Num": is used to number the pages without identifier. The identifier is automatically calculated according to the greatest identifier used.
    • "Clear all": is used to reset all the identifiers of the help pages to zero.
    • "Duplicates": is used to find the duplicated identifiers.
    • "Print": is used to print the list of pages and associated identifiers.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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