• Overview
  • Managing the SaaS Services
  • Managing the Pricing
  • Creating a new pricing
  • Editing the properties of a pricing
  • Associating a pricing with services
  • Managing the parameters of the site
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Stored procedures
The management of a SaaS site is used to modify the three main characteristics of the site:
  • The SaaS services used to define the access permissions to the different sections of the site.
  • The Pricing used to group one or more services in order to provide them to a client account.
  • The parameters of the site used to customize the site according to the client.
Managing the SaaS Services
The SaaS Services define the functional blocks of the site. When a client uses a site, the SaaS Services are used to limit the access to some sections of the site or to some features according to the identity of the client.
This limitation must be implemented in the code by using SaaSCheckService.
A SaaS service is defined by its name. To define a new SaaS Service, all you have to do is click the "Add a service" link.
The number of SaaS Services that can be supported by a SaaS site is unlimited.
Some examples of definitions of SaaS Services for a site of classified adverts:
  • Access to the site/Reading the ads
  • Writing text ads
  • Writing ads with images
  • Moderating the ads
Managing the Pricing
A Pricing is used to group a set of SaaS Services and to associate them with a price in order to make them available to the users of the SaaS site (via a subscription).

Creating a new pricing

To create a new pricing, all you have to do is click the "Add a pricing" link. A new Pricing (whose name is "New" by default) is added into the list of Pricing for the site.

Editing the properties of a pricing

To edit the parameters of a Pricing, all you have to do is click its name. A dialog box allows you to enter:
  • The name of the pricing,
  • Its cost (the currency used by the SaaS sites can be defined in the "Dashboard" page).
  • The periodicity of the price: per month, per week, per year or unlimited (if the cost must be paid at once).
  • The invoicing mode: per user or by fixed-price contract (regardless of the number of users).

Associating a pricing with services

To use a pricing, it must be associated with one or more services. In the pricing table, check the rows corresponding to the services that must be linked to the pricing and click the "Validate" button.
Remark: The SaaS administrator displays the different pricing associated with a site. If the site includes more than 5 pricing, an arrow is used to access the other pricing. However, more pricing can be proposed through programming with SaaSAdminAddPricing.
Managing the parameters of the site
The parameters of a SaaS site are a set of values defined by the site developer to allow the site to be customized according to the clients.
By default, each site declared in the SaaS Administrator is associated with a parameter named "Client Name", allowing the site display to be customized with the name of the current client.
Through programming, the value of a parameter for the current client can be read again by SaaSReadSiteParameter.
To define the list of parameters for a site, click the "Define the site parameters" link.
Each parameter is associated with a default value that will be used for the client accounts of the site. The default value can be modified for each client account via SaaSWriteSiteParameter.
Remark: Even though all the users of the client account can read the value, you must be a user with management rights to write.
Some examples of parameters:
  • Name of customer
  • Logo
  • Images
  • Colors
Minimum version required
  • Version 15
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