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Stored procedures
Adding a SaaS site is used to declare a SaaS site deployed on a WEBDEV Application Server to a SaaS Webservice in order to allow it to be used.
This operation must be performed after the deployment of the site.
Remark: This operation is equivalent to the call to SaaSAdminAddSite.
How to?
To add a SaaS site, from the SaaS Administrator's main menu, select the "Sites .. Add a site" option.
Reminder: The SaaS administrator is found on the Application Server hosting the SaaS Webservice that controls the site.
The following elements are requested:
Name of the siteThis is the deployment name of the WEBDEV site.
This name was given during the procedure for deploying the site in the setup wizard.
By default, it is the name of the project.
Remark: This parameter is case sensitive.
Management mode of dataSeveral options are available:
Management mode of dataBenefitsDrawbacks
No database
A single database shared by all the client accounts
  • Ability to share elements among the different clients (if the site uses large memos, they do not have to be copied for each client).
  • Easier maintenance of the database: a single backup to perform, a single automatic modification if the site analysis evolves.
  • Risk of information leak among the different client accounts in case of bugs in the site.
  • Unable to provide a backup of its database to a client without providing the entire data.
A database per client account
  • High level of security against data leaks: each client account can only access its own database. When using HFSQL in Client/Server mode, this security is increased by the creation of a HFSQL account for each SaaS client account.
  • Ability to save the database of each client separately and to provide the backups.
  • The maintenance of a client database does not affect the other ones.
  • The programming is simplified because there is no need to differentiate between the records of the different clients in the database.
  • Unable to access the data of a client account from another site
Parameters for accessing the dataDepending on the selected management mode of data, you must specify:
  • in case of an HFSQL Client/Server database: the parameters for connecting to the HFSQL server as well as the name of the reference database (optional) that will be duplicated to create each database of client accounts.
  • in case of an HFSQL Classic database: the name of the directory of the reference data files.
    Remark: the data directories of the different client accounts are found on the Application Server that is hosting the site, in the data directory of the WEBDEV account that owns the site.
Minimum version required
  • Version 15
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