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2. Examples and components supplied with WEBDEV
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The examples supplied with WEBDEV are intended to help you learn the features of WEBDEV.
Their source code is commented and detailed.
Different types of examples are supplied with WEBDEV:
  • complete examples: these examples correspond to full sites that can be used without any adaptation.
  • training examples: these examples illustrate a specific feature.
  • unit examples: these examples include a page that can easily be tested in the current project. This page presents the use of a function, group of functions, control, etc.
  • components: -these examples include an internal component, an external component and a use example.
These examples and components can be opened from the WEBDEV home window.
  • If the example is not installed on the computer, it will be automatically downloaded (from a PC SOFT server) and opened.
  • If the example is installed on the computer, a copy is automatically created in "My Projects\My examples".
The open example corresponds to the copy of the original example. This allows you to work or make changes to this copy. Therefore, the initial example is stored. Every time you open the example (via the "Open an example" button), you can work on the modified or initial version.
You can find additional examples on our website (www.windev.com).
Full examples
eBusinessThe eBusiness project is a full eBusiness site that can be entirely customized via a Web management interface.
- The showroom/payment section of the site is developed in AWP in order to get the best possible referencing of products.
- The management section of the site is developed in standard WD session to guarantee the maximum security.

HonoluluHonolulu: Better circulation of information in your company
Honolulu is entirely free. It can be used in your company, on as many computers as necessary, without limitation.
It is supplied with a set of modules used to improve the circulation of information in your company: messaging, forum, blogs, …
Photo_GalleryThis example is a photo gallery site and is composed of 2 main parts:
- the "visitor" part, developed in Active WEBDEV Page mode and SEO-compatible.
- the administration part, secured and developed in standard WEBDEV mode.  
These are some of the available features:
- organize photos via albums
- include links to social networks
- enable users to comment on posts
- user login via WEBDEV'S GPU
- contact form
- ability to upload, describe, and classify photos via albums on the administration side
WAdsThis site is a site for managing the classified adverts.
Multi-criteria, search, addition, modification and deletion of classified ads as well as the management of users.

webmillionThe following topics are presented in this example:
1/ Using queries
2/ Using "browsing" loopers in automatic browse
3/ Using "browsing" loopers in manual browse

Summary of the example supplied with WEBDEV:  
This Web application, powered by WEBDEV, is used to display, find and order tee-shirts.
Once the order is placed, you have the ability to use the PayBox module for secure payment.

This example contains a page used to generate a data file containing an important number of records.

WW_Association_AWPThis example presents an associative site and it includes 2 main sections:
- the "visitor" section, developed in AWP mode.
- the "member corner" section, developed in standard WEBDEV mode (and therefore secured).  
This site is used to present the news, the photo galleries, the presentation of the association...
The members of the association can manage their news, their photos, exchange some messages and access the classified adverts...
The administrator manages the site as well as the members of the association.

WW_Association_PHPThis example presents an associative site in WEBDEV PHP.
This site includes 2 main sections:
- the visitor section, accessible to all.
- the management section, reserved to the members of the association.  
This site is used to present the news, the photo galleries, the presentation of the association...
The members of the association can manage their news, their photos, exchange some messages and access the classified adverts...
The administrator manages the site as well as the members of the association.

WW_Blog_AWPThis example is a site for managing blogs.
A blog is a log or a diary on an Internet site.
It can be consulted by everyone and everyone can write comments.
The author of the blog writes his messages whenever he wants to.
You have the ability to format the text, to include images, notes, etc.
This example is based on an AWP generation so that the site can be referenced by all the search engines.
Furthermore, each blog can e exported in RSS. (Use of the RSS types of WLanguage)  

WW_Blogs_phpThis example is a PHP site created with WEBDEV for managing blogs.
A blog is a log or a diary on an Internet site.
It can be consulted by everyone and everyone can write his own comments.
The author of the blog writes messages whenever he wants to.
You have the ability to format the text, to include images, notes, and so on.
Furthermore, each blog can be exported in RSS.

WW_CMSThis example is an example of CMS (Content Management System).
This is a site for content management, typically a site for displaying some articles.

This example is divided into 2 parts:
- An AWP part for the part that must be referenced
- A WEBDEV part for the management part

In order for some features of the example to operate (sending emails for example), the parameters must be modified in order to adapt them to your configuration.
These parameters are stored as constants defined in the code of the project.

WW_FAQThis Responsive Web Design example proposes the main features of a FAQ site.

It provides the following services:
- Managing products
- Writing FAQs
- Editing FAQs
- Display adapted to mobile devices

WW_Forum_AWPThis example proposes the main features of a user forum (creation of forums, topics and messages, moderator, search, etc.).

Some of the features used by WW_FORUM_AWP:
- Full-text search
- Rich controls
- Loopers
- POPUP pages
- ...

WW_Forum_PHPThis example proposes the main features of a user forum (creation of forums, topics and messages, moderator, search, etc.)

Some of the features used by WW_FORUM_PHP:
- Rich control

WW_LoanThe power of WEBDEV and the simplicity of the WLanguage allowed us to develop this site in just one day!

This example is used to simulate loans and to:
- calculate the amount of monthly payments from the amount that was borrowed
- calculate the amount that can be borrowed from a given monthly payment
- calculate the income of an investment from a monthly deposit

The amortization table can be displayed for each one of the cases.
This table can be edited in a file in PDF format (standard feature of WEBDEV).

WW_MotorEquipmentThis example presents an online store.
It contains the "front-office" section (overview of products), the basket section and the secure payment.
WW_NewsletterWW_Newsletter is used to create a site for managing newsletters. It is used to create, edit and manage the sending of newsletters to subscribers. The site features are as follows:
- online subscription (double opt-in) and unsubscription
- display of public newsletters
- management of newsletters categories
- management dashboard
- online editing and formatting of newsletters
- creation of newsletter templates
- etc.

WW_Overview_Mobile_ApplicationThis example is a responsive Web site that presents a Mobile application.
It includes a static page that is entirely responsive.

WW_Precilia_SportThe WW_Precilia_Sport project is an example of Web site containing a store section.

The site occupies the entire width of the browser with a background image.
WW_Precilia_WinterWW_Precilia_Winter is an e-commerce site for selling skiing equipment

WW_PreciliaTShirtsWW_PreciliaTShirts is an e-commerce site for selling TShirts.
This site proposes a home page (with all the products), a page for product description (with addition to basket) as well as several other pages (faq, contact form, gsc, etc.).
WW_RewaliThis example is a site for travel booking.

It proposes travels at very attractive prices.
You have the ability to choose the travel duration, the start dates, then validate the purchase until the payment via Paypal.

It is using the "scrolling banner" control and the planes.

WW_ScheduleThis example is used to dynamically display the tasks of the different contributors.
You have the ability to add, modify or delete tasks by clicking the schedule elements.
All the operations are performed via AJAX.
This example is also used to move a control by programming.
WW_SchedulingActivities_ClubThis example presents a site for a structure proposing activities according to a specific schedule (a sport club for example).

The site presents the structure, the available activities and the schedule.

The main pages are:
- a home page presenting the activities
- a presentation page of activities
- a schedule of activities
- a "contact" page
- a registration form

WW_Static_CompanyThis example is a static site that presents a company, a "showroom" site.
The features are as follows:
- overview page of the company
- overview pages of products and services
- "Contact"page
- "Legal Mentions" page
WW_Static_CraftsThis example is a static site for presenting a crafts workshop or company.

The site includes:
- a home page for presenting the workshop and its products
- pages for presenting the creations
- a page for presenting the workshop
- a page to follow the events
- a page for presenting the training sessions
- a contact page

WW_Static_RestaurantThis example is a static site that presents a restaurant, a "showroom" site.
The features are as follows:
- overview page of the restaurant
- overview pages of menus and special dishes
- overview pages of the restaurant chief
- access and contact page
WW_TamesShopThe WW_TamesShop example provides an online shop that can be immediately used. The site manages the categories of products, the detailed characteristics, the photos, and it proposes several internal components for managing the customer section, the basket, the payment, ...

WW_TicketTrackerWW_TicketTracker is a complete example of managing ticket incidents. This example can be used in all areas where it is necessary to follow interventions between several people.
Registration to the site is free by default. Each registrant can create projects and invite participants.
Each participant can create incident tickets and assign them to one of the project participants.
WW_WebDocWebDoc is an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS).
WebDoc uses fulltext search to search the content of documents.
The documents are classified by category. A dynamic tree-view displays the category tree structure.
This example also shows how to retrieve the content of a PDF document.
WW_WebEstateOn-line real estates web site. This site is Responsive. Its layout fits any browser size automatically.
Training examples
WebAppThis example shows how to use planes in WEBDEV.
WW_Auto_Error_ManagementThis example presents the automatic management of WEBDEV errors.
It explains how to manage the fatal and non-fatal errors and it presents the different methods available in WEBDEV.

WW_Auto_ZoomThis example offers a control template based on an image that displays an image thumbnail and through a click, enlarges the image without disturbing the page's layout.
- The images cannot be loaded from a database
- The control template cannot be included in a looper
WW_Blog_ResponsiveWebDesignSimple, responsive blog.
WW_Business_ResponsiveWebDesignSimple, responsive page.
WW_ChartThis educational example presents different uses of the chart control.
The following charts are presented:
- Semi-circular
- Donut
- Pie
- Sunburst
- Line
- Scatter
- 3D Scatter
- Column
- Area
- Bubble
- Radar
- Funnel
- Surface
- Waterfall
- Composite

The main features presented in this example are the ability to customize the charts by programming as well as the method used to fill a chart from a HFSQL file or in the editor.  
WW_DashboardThe "WD Dashboard" example is an educational example for using the Dashboard control.
This example explains how to:
- handle the control in "edit" mode,
- save/load a configuration,
- configure the control (initial configuration, addition/deletion of widgets, ...),
- refresh a widget.
WW_Drawing_HTML5WEBDEV includes some drawing functions in browser code, for the browsers that support the HTML5. standard.
This educational example presents:
- an array of drawings,
- and an implementation: the visual choice by the Web user of the categories of seats when making a reservation for a show.
WW_LayoutsThis example contains a website that can be displayed on mobile devices.
The website uses WEBDEV layouts to adapt its UI.
WW_Management_ResponsiveWebDesignSimple, responsive page.
WW_Mobile_ResponsiveWebDesignSimple, responsive page.
WW_OrganizerThe WW_Organizer example is an example for using the Organizer control of WEBDEV.

WW_PayPal_PHPThis PHP example, powered by WEBDEV, explains how to propose a secured payment with the PayPal solution in your WEBDEV PHP sites.
It explains how to:
- include a PayPal payment button in a page,
- specify the payment information to PayPal,
- define a page for validating the payment,
WW_Presentation_ResponsiveWebDesignSimple, responsive page, portfolio of achievements.
WW_ReportThis example shows the different methods for achieving a report:

- impressions published on different data sources (queries, variables, ...)
- prints developed on fields (Table, ...)
- printing of composite reports
- specific prints (portrait / landscape, state with watermark, state with barcode, ...)
WW_RSS_StreamThis example explains how to read and display a RSS stream in a WEBDEV page via the RSS type and via the WLanguage functions for handling RSS.
A reusable control template is used to display the RSS data.
WW_SAASClientSiteThe "WW_SAASClientSite" example is an example for using the SAAS management functions of WEBDEV.

This example is presented like a site for selling SAAS solutions.
To use this example, a SAAS site must be configured as defined in the initialization code of the project.
The Web user can subscribe to a given pricing of a SaaS site without having the call the administrator of the SaaS server.  

WW_SignatureWW_Signature is an example explaining how to draw in HTML5 and how to save the image in browser code.
WW_Two-factor_AuthenticationThis example shows how to use two-factor authentication to secure access to user accounts.
It uses TOTP authentication, which generates a 6-digit code every 30 seconds.

The code is generated by all Authenticators that use TOTP (Google, Microsoft, etc.)
WW_Websocket_PageThis example shows how to use a WebSocket server to enable communication between multiple clients using a simple static WEBDEV page
This example requires you to start WW_WebSocketServer beforehand
WW_WebSocketServerThis example is a WebSocket server for WW_WebSocket_Page.
WW_WizardWEBDEV allows you to create your own Web wizards, via the WLanguage PageDisplayDialog function that is used to display a page in a modal way.

This allows you to establish a dialog with the user.
To go from a wizard plane to another one, all you have to do is use the concept of plane found in WEBDEV.
WWBrowserDialogThis example presents a dialog between two distinct browsers. It is used to open a new page in a new browser and to retrieve the modified values.  

WEBDEV is supplied with projects corresponding to components. These projects contain:
  • a project configuration corresponding to the component.
  • a project configuration corresponding to the use of component.
  • an internal component.
Let's see the main components supplied with WEBDEV:
WW_CloudTagsThis example explains how to display a cloud of tags in a dynamic WEBDEV application.
Indeed, on Internet, a site page responds more or less to a set of keywords.
The purpose of this example is to explain how to display the keywords of a site in an area of the page by indicating the important keywords graphically.
The keywords are represented as links of different sizes: the more important the keyword is, the larger the font is.  


The extraction of a file content depends on its structure.
For some types of files, WEBDEV proposes WLanguage functions allowing you to extract their content: HTMLToText, XMLToText , PDFToText (from WEBDEV 14), etc.

For the other files, you will have to identify their structures and to program the extraction according to these structures.

It may be interesting to store the content of a file in order to perform full-text searches thereafter.

This example allows you to easily extract and store the content of various documents (Open Office, Word 2007, ...) in order to find the requested ones via the full-text search.
WW_PayBoxThe PayBox component is used to implement a secure payment in a WEBDEV site.
This example allows you to run tests via a test account.
WW_PayPalThis example contains an internal component allowing you to include PayPal payment buttons in the WEBDEV pages.
WW_SecurePaymentMulti-platform secure payment

The SecurePayment component allows you to manage an online secure payment.

The component supports several solutions for secure payment:
Paybox (» http://www1.paybox.com)
Ogone E-Commerce (Ogone, » http://www.ogone.com/)
PayPal (» http://www.paypal.fr/)
Cybermut (Crédit Mutuel, CIC, Banques OBC, » https://www.creditmutuel.fr)
SogenActif (Société Générale, » http://www.sogenactif.com/)
E-Transaction (Crédit Agricole, » http://www.e-transactions.credit-agricole.fr/)
Scellius (La Banque Postale, » https://www.labanquepostale.fr/)
Mercanet (BNP, » http://entreprises.bnpparibas.fr/)
Sherlocks (Crédit Lyonnais, » http://professionnels.lcl.fr/sherlocks/)
CyberP@iement (Banque Populaire, » http://www.bplc.fr/)
SPPlus (Caisse d'Epargne)

The return to store is automatically managed by the component.
You have the ability to add your own processes for each one of the expected returns (Payment validated, payment refused or payment procedure canceled).

If wrong data is detected (false URL, hacking attempt, ...), the component marks the payment as "Forged".  

Additional components can be found on our website (www.windev.com).
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