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Stored procedures
Download functions use the following constants:
ConstantDetailsType of variable
downloadNotifProgressDownload notification mode: A notification shows the progress of the download and disappears when the download is complete.DownloadParameter type
downloadNotifProgressAndCompletionDownload notification mode: A notification shows the progress of the download and remains visible when the download is complete.DownloadParameter type
downloadNotifNoneDownload notification mode: No notifications shown.DownloadParameter type
downloadStatusSuccessfulDownload status: Download successful.DownloadInfo type
downloadStatusPausedDownload status: Paused download.DownloadInfo type
downloadStatusPendingDownload status: Pending download.DownloadInfo type
downloadStatusFailedDownload status: The download failed.DownloadInfo type
downloadStatusRunningDownload status: The download is in progress.DownloadInfo type
downloadErrorInsufficientSpaceError encountered: Insufficient storage space.DownloadInfo type
downloadErrorStorageError encountered: Storage error.DownloadInfo type
downloadErrorFileAlreadyExistsError encountered: The URI points to an existing file.DownloadInfo type
downloadErrorUnknownError encountered: Unknown error.DownloadInfo type
downloadPausedUnknownThe download is paused for an unknown reason.DownloadInfo type
downloadPausedWaitingForNetworkThe download is paused until a network is found.DownloadInfo type
downloadPausedWaitingForWifiThe download is paused until a Wi-Fi network is found.DownloadInfo type
downloadPausedWaitingToRetryThe download was paused due to a network error. The system will wait before trying again.DownloadInfo type
Minimum version required
  • Version 27
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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