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Stored procedures
12. Available tests
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WINDEV includes multiple methods to test applications. The table below presents the different modes available.
Type of testDescription
Test of the entire project Runs the application like the executable file would. Tests the entire application, even if it is not fully developed.
When a problem occurs during the execution of the project, you can start the debugger to identify and fix the problem.
Test of the current element Tests an element once it has been developed. You can start the debugger when a problem occurs in reports and windows.
Test of a project step by step (via the debugger)Allows you to start the debugger when the application is run. This solution is used to monitor the operating mode of the application via the debugger.
You can also debug a specific executable file, a running executable or an executable file running on another computer.
Unit testTests windows, procedures and classes in an application at different stages of development.
The test scenarios are automatically generated in WLanguage from the application test or from the element test. The scenarios can be directly modified in the code editor.
Regression testUsed to make sure that an element did not cause any regressions between different versions of an application. To do so, select (or create) the test scenario that will be run.
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