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  • Debugging in the simulator
  • Debugging on the mobile device
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4. Debugging modes
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There are two different modes to debug a WINDEV Mobile application:
  • Debugging in the simulator,
  • Debugging on the mobile device (available in Android and iOS).
Debugging in the simulator
This mode starts the application in a device simulator. However, the application is run on the PC, in the Windows environment.
This mode is used to quickly debug a new function or test an algorithm, but it may have a different behavior compared with the actual device:
  • file paths are those used by Windows,
  • strings are in ANSI format by default (not Unicode),
  • the functions specific to mobile devices (e.g. SMS) are not available.
Debugging on the mobile device
This debug mode allows for a more accurate application behavior, since the debugger runs the application directly on the mobile device (Android and iOS). All specific functions can be used (except for the ones that require digitally signed executables).
This mode is slightly slower than the simulator. It adds a communication phase between the development environment and the debugger on the device.
In this mode, a mobile device must connected to the development computer.
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