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Stored procedures
12. Control templates
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WINDEV Mobile allows you to create control templates. A control template is a set of controls that can be re-used in several windows.
Changes made to a control template are automatically applied to all the windows that use the template.
A control template is used to:
  • group a set of controls for a specific purpose.
  • make the controls independent of the host window.
View of a control template.
An orange outline appears around the template.
Using a template in a window.
Elements from the template have a blue border and are identified by a yellow square.

A control template can be created:
  • via the icon in the quick access buttons. In the "New" window, click "Window" then "Control template".
  • from the controls in the window (select the controls and right-click, in the context menu that appears, select "Refactoring .. Create a control template from the selection").
To create a window based on a control template, create a "Control template" control.
The characteristics of the elements can be dissociated from the template. For example, dissociate the position of a control from the template to move it elsewhere while keeping other changes (code, style, etc.). This is referred to as control inheritance. In this case, the elements are identified by a blue square.
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