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2. Application development cycle
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WINDEV Mobile covers the entire application development cycle:
Details of the different phases:
Design phase: An application can be designed from specific requirements, a UML modeling of the processes or even from existing data files.
Development phase: The project and the analysis are created via specific wizards. The application can be developed in RAD (Rapid Application Development) mode, with automatic code and interface generation; or it can result from manually creating multiple project elements.
Test and generation phase: WINDEV Mobile includes several automated test tools to build reliable applications and make sure there are no regressions between the development phases.
Deployment phase: There are different methods to deploy a WINDEV Mobile application: to the Mobile device directly, via a download, via Play Store, MarketPlace, App Store or Windows Store. In any case, the HFSQL data files (if any) will be automatically updated based on the changes made to the application.
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