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Control found in a window, page or report

The Organizer control is used to display and handle organizers.
It displays dates by days, weeks or months.
The time slot, the first day of the week and the number of days to display can be configured. These parameters can be easily defined in the control description window.
Universal Windows 10 App Organizer controls are available on reports only.
For more details on Agenda controls in reports, see Organizer report.
Create an Organizer control
To create an Organizer control in a window or page:
  1. On the "Creation" tab, in the "Graphic controls" group, expand "Time" and click "Organizer".
  2. Click where the control will be created in the window or page.
    The control creation wizard starts. Answer the questions and validate. The control appears in the editor.
Remark: The dimensions of the control are optimized to take up the available space at the specified position. If the control size does not suit you, press Ctrl + Z: the control size will be reset to default.
To view the characteristics of the control, select "Description" in the context menu. For more details, see:
Remark: Organizer controls are available in Organizer reports. For more details, see Organizer report.

Modes for populating an Organizer control

An Organizer control can be populated:
Related Examples:
WD Handling the Organizer control Training (WINDEV): WD Handling the Organizer control
[ + ] WD Handling the Organizer control is a simple example for using the Organizer control.

The following features are used:
- Creating an appointment
- Saving an organizer
- Restoring an organizer
WD Organizer Complete examples (WINDEV): WD Organizer
[ + ] This example is used to synchronize some appointments between your Outlook, Lotus Notes and Google calendars.

Based on the Organizer control, you have the ability to create, modify, move or delete the appointments.
you also have the ability to classify the appointments by category and to link them to several external organizers.
The Organizer control (displaying a Google calendar) Unit examples (WINDEV): The Organizer control (displaying a Google calendar)
[ + ] Retrieving events from a Google calendar via the gglXxx functions and displaying these events in an Organizer control.
WD Outlook Complete examples (WINDEV): WD Outlook
[ + ] WINDEV gives access, in native mode, to your contacts, your tasks, your emails and your calendar in Outlook.
This program, powered by WINDEV, explains how to read and write in the Outlook folders:
- Email
- Calendar
- Contacts
- Tasks
This example is designed to operate with the standard version of Outlook supplied with Office.
The default email application is selected via the Internet options of the control panel of Windows.
In order for the messages to be automatically sent and received in the WD Outlook example,
you must check, in the options of Microsoft Outlook, "Send the messages immediately"
and "Check the new incoming messages every x minutes".
WW_Organizer Training (WEBDEV): WW_Organizer
[ + ] The WW_Organizer example is an example for using the Organizer control of WEBDEV.
Minimum version required
  • Version 15
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