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  • Overview
  • Control in a window or page
  • Creating a Calendar control
  • Describing the Calendar control
  • Translating the elements of a Calendar control
  • Translating the "Today"/"Preset period" button
  • Translating days and months in the Calendar control
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Stored procedures

Control in a window or page

The Calendar control is used to permanently display a calendar in a window or page. This calendar can display the current date, or interact with the window or page (e.g., by displaying the schedule corresponding to the selected day).
Android Use conditions: To use a Calendar control in Android, the "Android Support Library V4" extension must be present on the development computer when generating the Android application. The setup procedure of this extension is available at the following address:

Creating a Calendar control

To create a Calendar control:
  1. On the "Creation" tab, in the "Graphic controls" group:
    • WINDEV Mobile click "Calendar".
  2. Click where the control will be created in the window or page. The control appears in the editor.
To view the characteristics of the control, select "Description" in the context menu.
Describing the Calendar control
The Calendar control can be customized in the editor via the description window.
Here are some features of the Calendar control. You can:
  • define a date range ("Lower bound" and "Upper bound" in the "General" tab of the description window).
  • define a background image:
    • define the characteristics of the calendar ("Details" tab of the description window):
      • first day of the week,
      • show week number (it is possible to use a numbering that comply with the ISO 8601 standard).
      • display format of the month,
      • multi-selection calendar (not available in WEBDEV, PHP, iPhone, iPad),
      • presence of a "Today" button.
    • define the style of all the elements displayed in the calendar ("Style" tab). To define the style of an element, simply click its label ("Sunday" for example).
    • change the image of the "Next" and "Previous" buttons ("Style" tab, "Next/Previous buttons" element).
    Translating the elements of a Calendar control

    Translating the "Today"/"Preset period" button

    The "Today" and "Preset period" buttons can be translated in the calendar description window ("Details" tab).

    Translating days and months in the Calendar control

    To translate the days and months displayed in the Calendar control, you must set the project language options:
    1. Open the project description: on the "Project" tab, in the "Project" group, click "Description".
    2. In the "Languages" tab, select the desired language.
    3. In the options of the selected language, go to the "Date" tab and select "Use the following parameters".
    4. Click "Days and Months" and enter the translations, if necessary. Validate.
    5. Validate the project description window.
    Related Examples:
    The Calendar control Unit examples (WINDEV): The Calendar control
    [ + ] Four methods for using the Calendar control:
    - Using the Calendar control found in the WINDEV toolbar
    - Using CalendarOpen and CalendarPicker as well as CalendarSelect (multi-selection)
    - Using ..CalendarButton
    - Using BankHolidayAdd
    Minimum version required
    • Version 14
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