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The concept of Mashup consists in aggregating data coming from different software, different services, different data sources, ...
This aggregation is straightforward; in most cases, it is performed in a page of an Internet site.
The purpose of Mashup is to allow a real interoperability, a link between different software. It becomes easier to create composite applications.
How do I perform Mashup with WINDEV and WEBDEV?
WINDEV and WEBDEV propose several features to simplify the mashup:
Mashup specific to WEBDEV
WEBDEV - Server codeWindowsLinux To simplify the mashup in the sites developed in WEBDEV, you must be able to interface with the different services proposed by the sites on the Web.
WEBDEV gives you the ability to:
  • perform a mashup at server level by using the WLanguage functions directly.
  • perform a mashup at "browser" level (without running code on the WEBDEV application server):
    • by using Web APIs.
    • by including evolved components in the page (section of pages including the processes) to interact with them directly.
There is no additional workload on the server according to the operations performed by the Web user. The programming is performed in WLanguage directly: the Javascript code is not required anymore.
The exchanges of data proposed by these services can be structured in XML or in JSON directly.
Minimum version required
  • Version 14
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Last update: 05/26/2022

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