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Stored procedures
The report viewer allows you to see the report layout without printing it (report preview). The report layout and content can be checked. You also have the ability to print the report.
The report viewer is available:
  • in the report editor of WINDEV, WEBDEV, WINDEV Mobile.
  • in "Reports and Queries".
  • when printing reports from a WINDEV application.
Features of the report viewer
The report viewer proposes several features:
Report viewer
Remark: To view a report in the report viewer, a printer must be installed on the current computer.
Other features
  • Customization: Your application uses a skin template? Why not use it for the report viewer as well. For more details, see Customizing the report viewer.
  • Report viewer and printing with WLanguage functions: If you print with WLanguage functions, you can also take advantage of the report viewer features.
  • Configuration of different options: To display some tabs or options only:
    • use iParameterViewer. This function, used in the "Initializing" event of the project, allows you to choose the tabs and options that will be displayed for all the reports of the application.
    • directly configure the different options that will be displayed for each report in the report description window ("UI" tab).
  • Printing from the report viewer: To find out if the user printed from the report viewer, use iDocumentPrinted.

Display effects during a zoom

Display effects may occur when performing a report zoom in the report viewer. For example, some very fine lines may not be displayed in the report viewer. However, these lines will be printed when the report is printed on a printer.

Printing from the report viewer

To print an entire document from the report viewer, you must wait for all the pages to be displayed.

Re-running the report

The report displayed in the report viewer is automatically re-run when the report is printed or exported from the report viewer. The WLanguage events associated with report are re-run.
In this case, the data displayed in the report may be modified (to take into account the data modified by the other users for example).
The variables used by the report should be initialized in the report initialization code (not in the code of the Button control that starts the report viewer).
Remark: The WLanguage functions used in your report may return a different result when the report is re-run. For example, if WLanguage functions in your report handle the current window, when the report is re-run, the current window will correspond to the report viewer window.

Using Outlook Express and sending emails from the report viewer

If you use Outlook Express and you send emails from the report viewer, the following problem may occur: the email window of Outlook Express does not allow you to enter the email information anymore. All the controls are grayed.
This is caused by an Outlook problem.
Make sure you have the latest Outlook update.
Minimum version required
  • Version 20
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