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Stored procedures
A report provides a custom view of data: data entered in the database, data in a text file, data from a Table control, etc.
Depending on the product used, the data found in the report can be displayed in different formats:
  • In WINDEV:
    • In a Windows application, a report can be displayed on the screen, saved in an HTML file, printed on a printer, ...
    • In a Linux application, a report can be saved in a PDF file.
  • In WEBDEV, a report can be saved in a file (HTML or PDF), sent by email, displayed in the browser of the Web user or printed on a printer connected to the server, ...
  • In WINDEV Mobile:
    • In an iOS application, a report can be saved in a PDF file.
    • In an application in Universal Windows App mode, a report can be saved in a PDF file.
    • In an Android application, a report can be saved in a PDF file.
What are the elements of a report?
A report includes:
  • blocks that define the different sections of the report (for more details, see Report blocks).
  • controls in which the report data is displayed (for more details, see Report controls).
A report can be used to summarize and synthesize data. You can:
  • group data,
  • sort data according to any criterion,
  • perform calculations (means, statistics) or create charts,
  • display the data in several columns.
Just think of a report and the report editor will create it.
Some examples of reports:
Order form (print preview in WINDEV)
Order form (print preview on WINDEV)
Information form
Form details
Simplified definition of a report
The diagrams below present a simple definition of a report:
  • the data to be printed comes from a data source (data file, HFSQL view, query, memory area, WLanguage variable or text file, etc.).
  • the report groups, sorts and formats the data.
  • the report execution can be directed to:
    • in WINDEV: the screen, a file (PDF, HTML, RTF), a printer or a fax, ...
    • in WEBDEV: a file( HTML, RTF, PDF, etc.), a printer or a fax, ... If the report destination is a file, this file can be sent to the browser.
    • in WINDEV Mobile: a PDF file (for iOS, Android, or Universal Windows Apps).
In WINDEV Mobile:
Related Examples:
WD Reports Training (WINDEV): WD Reports
[ + ] This example presents the different methods for creating a report:

- prints based on different data sources (queries, variables, ...)
- prints based on controls (Table, Spreadsheet, PVT, ...)
- printing composite reports
- specific prints (portrait/landscape, report with watermark, report with bar code, ...)
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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