• Overview
  • The available actions
  • Preset actions
  • Specific actions
  • The target of the action
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Stored procedures
Menu option: operation performed and action
An option of a drop-down menu found in a page can be associated with:
  • an operation performed on the controls. By default, no action is associated with the menu option but you have the ability to:
    • send the value of the page controls to the server (submit). This operation is required if the menu option is used to switch into SSL mode via SSLActive.
    • reinitialize the page controls.
  • an action. WEBDEV proposes the most common actions in the "General" tab of the description window of the menu option.
    For more specific actions, all you have to do is click the "Other actions" button.
    In any case, you will have to define the destination of this action.
The available actions

Preset actions

Several preset actions are proposed by default in a drop-down list box. These preset actions depend on the elements in the page or project.
For example, you can choose to:
  • display a project page,
  • run the click code of the current option, ...
Caution: The actions are performed after the click code of the menu option (browser code and server code).

Specific actions

The "Other actions" button is used to define the custom actions. You can:
  • display a page of another site
  • download a file
  • connect to an FTP server
  • position on an anchor
  • send an email, ...
Remark: All these operations can also be performed in the code.
The target of the action
If no destination is chosen for the action, the action is performed in the default destination defined for the current page.
The possible targets of an action performed by a menu option are:
New browser (_blank):
Displays the result in a new window of the browser.
Current frame (_self):
Displays the result in the same frame.
Parent frame (_parent):
Displays the result in the parent frame (case of nested framesets).
Current browser (_top):
Displays the result in the current page of the browser (without frames).
Other frames of the frameset (if the page belongs to a frameset):
Displays the result in a specific frame.
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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