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Execution platform
WINDEV Mobile allows you to develop applications for different families of products:
  • Android,
  • iPhone and/or iPad,
  • Universal Windows.
Let's see the details of each platform:
  • Android Android: WINDEV Mobile displays the list of platforms created for Android. You can edit the description of the platform or to add a new one.
    When adding a platform, select the platform and the desired resolution.
    When modifying a platform, you have the ability to define:
    • the type of screen used. The characteristics regarding the size and the DPI can be directly modified (in this case, the size becomes a custom size).
    • the image used in test mode. This image allows you to run the test of your application in an environment corresponding to the environment of the users.
    • the path of the Android SDK used. For more details, see Installing the Android SDK.
  • iPhone/iPad iOS: For iOS platforms (iPhone, iPad), select the device that will be taken into account to edit the application.
  • Universal Windows 10 App Universal Windows 10 app: For Universal Windows Apps, select the device that will be taken into account to edit the application. You can also indicate the directory of the Windows 10 SDK.
All these characteristics define the runtime platform.
When is the runtime platform taken into account?
The selected runtime platform is taken into account:
  • to create the windows: the selected dimensions will be automatically proposed for the new windows.
  • to generate the application. The generated application corresponds to a specific platform.
  • when starting the application in test mode. The selected platform allows you to use the corresponding simulator.
How to modify the runtime platform?
The execution platform can be modified in the project description:
  1. On the "Project" tab, in the "Project" group, click "Description".
  2. In the "Project" tab, click "Platform description".
The selected platform is valid for the entire current project.
Android Automatic detection
WINDEV Mobile allows you to automatically detect the characteristics of the platform connected to the current computer ("Detect the characteristics automatically" button). If the characteristics of the connected platform differ from the selected platform, WINDEV Mobile displays the elements that differ and modifies these elements if necessary.
When creating a new project, if an Android device is connected to the current computer, WINDEV Mobile automatically detects the characteristics of the connected platform.
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