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Sharing the popup menus in the project
In most cases, several popup menus are included in your applications.
One or more menus can be shared between several windows of your application. All you have to do is use the window templates.
The principle is straightforward, you must:
  1. Create a specific window template. This window template contains the popup menu to share.
  2. Apply the window template to the windows that use the popup menu: the popup menus defined in the template will be available in the window.
Therefore, the popup menus can be overloaded in order to adapt to a specific window without affecting the other windows.
How to?

Sharing popup menus between several project windows

To share popup menus between several windows of a project:
  1. Create a new window template:
    • Click in the quick access buttons.
    • The creation window appears: click "Window" then "Window template".
  2. Insert a popup menu into this window template: on the "Window" tab, in the "Bars and menus" group, expand "Popup menus" and select "New popup menu".
  3. Describe the options of the context menu: name, caption, code, ...
  4. Save the window template.
In the windows that must use the popup menu:
  1. Associate the window template with the current window: on the "Window" tab, in the "Templates" group, expand "Templates" and select "List of templates used".
  2. Click the "Add" button and select the template containing the popup menus.
  3. Answer NO to the following question: "Do you want to update the window properties from this template?".
  4. Validate the list of templates.
  5. The popup menus described in window templates can be used by the window controls.
Minimum version required
  • Version 12
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