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Stored procedures
A popup menu can be opened by the user:
  • WINDEVUniversal Windows 10 AppJava via a right mouse click.
  • Universal Windows 10 AppAndroidiPhone/iPad by a long press on the control.
This menu allows the users to easily access the features specific to a window or to a window control.
WINDEV and WINDEV Mobile allow you to manage several types of context menus:
  • The custom context menus. These menus are created in the window editor and can be handled through programming.
    For more details, see Custom popup menu.
  • WINDEV The popup menus of AAFs (Automatic Application Features) managed by WINDEV. These context menus are displayed during a right click on some types of controls (edit control, chart, table, ...). These popup menus allow the end user to use the automatic features of the application.
    For more details, see Automatic Application Features.
    Linux The popup menus of AAFs are available on the Table controls only.
  • The system popup menus managed by the system (Android, Windows, ...). These context menus are displayed on some types of controls (ActiveX, ...).
    For more details, see System popup menu.
    LinuxUniversal Windows 10 App The system context menus are not available.
Example of custom popup menu:
=Example of context menu
Popup menu in the Currency + Euro controls
WINDEV In the "WINDEV Currency + Euro" controls (edit controls, column of a Table control, ...), a popup menu can allow the user to choose the display currency. This popup menu presents the result of the conversion for the value entered in the different currencies.
If this context menu is available for the users, the context menu associated with the control will be ignored.
To disable this system context menu:
  • in the window editor: in the control description ("Details" tab), select "Disabled" in the "Popup menu" combo box.
  • through programming, use the PopupMenu property.
Reminder: To open the context menu specific to the "Currency + Euro" controls:
  1. Display the description window of a "WINDEV Currency + Euro" control ("Description" from the popup menu).
  2. Click the "Options" button found in the "Euro management" area. The window for managing the Euro is displayed.
  3. Check "Currency modifiable via popup menu".
Minimum version required
  • Version 9
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