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  • Default PC SOFT update server
  • Custom update server
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Stored procedures
Allows you to manage the automatic update of HFSQL Client/Server servers and to define how often to check for updates. If an update is available, the HFSQL server is automatically updated.
Remark: Two rights are required to use this function:
  • The rights to manage the server.
  • The rights to stop the server.
These rights correspond respectively to the hRightsManageServer and hRightsStopServer constants used in HInfoServerRights and HModifyServerRights.
MyConnection is Connection
MyScheduling is hScheduling

// Enables the server update according to a specific scheduling
HManageServerUpdate(MyConnection, MyScheduling)
(<Former Scheduling>, <Former URL>) = HManageServerUpdate(<Connection> [, <Scheduling> [, <URL>]])
<Former Scheduling>: hScheduling variable
hScheduling variable containing the characteristics of the previous scheduling.
<Former URL>: Character string
Former URL for downloading the server update.
<Connection>: Character string or Connection variable
Connection to a database. This connection corresponds to:
<Scheduling>: Optional hScheduling variable
Name of the hScheduling variable corresponding to the options for scheduling the server update.
<URL>: Optional character string
  • URL to the custom update server. For more details, see Custom update server.
  • Empty string (default) to use the official update server of PC SOFT.

Default PC SOFT update server

Fore each update, PC SOFT provides automatic update packages for the HFSQL server in production (for the version currently used).
These packages have been thoroughly checked by our services.

Custom update server

You can use a custom update server for the HFSQL server. This allows you to control the HFSQL server updates of the users. You can for example validate the use of a new version before releasing it.
To create a custom update server for HFSQL servers, you must:
  1. Install a Web server (IIS or Apache) on the selected computer.
  2. Create the following MIME types on the Web server if they do not exist:
    • .json -> application/json
    • .sign -> application/byte-stream
    • .zip -> application/x-compress
  3. Create a directory at the root of the Web server. This directory will contain the update packages. Example: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\hfsql_packs
    This directory must contain:
    • A json file containing the names of the packages to be used according to the versions (see below). The name of this file must be "hfsql_updateinfo.json".
    • The update packages (".zip" files).
    • The signature files corresponding to the packages (".sign" extension).
    These packages and their signatures are available at:
For example:
  • Web server for updates: srvupd
  • UNC directory containing the updates: \\srvupd\hfsql_packs\
  • URL for updates: http://srvupd/hfsql_packs/
Example of Json file:
"pack": [
"major_version": 22,
"language"     : "F",
"version"      : "220099",
"min_version"  : "220036",

"pack": [
"platform": "win32",
"data"     : "srv_hfsql_win32_90F220099z"
"platform": "win64",
"data"     : "srv_hfsql_win64_90F220099z"
"platform": "linux32",
"data"     : "srv_hfsql_linux32_90F220099z"
"platform": "linux64",
"data"     : "srv_hfsql_linux64_90F220099z"
  • major_version: corresponds to the major version of the package (22, 23, etc.). Only the HFSQL servers corresponding to this version will be updated.
  • language: corresponds to the server language (E for English, F for French, etc.).
  • version: corresponds to the HFSQL server version in the package.
  • min_version: corresponds to the minimum version from which the package can be applied.
  • pack: used to specify the characteristics of the packages.
  • platform: platform corresponding to the package:
    • win32: 32-bit Windows
    • win64: 64-bit Windows
    • linux32: 32-bit Linux
    • linux64: 64-bit Linux
  • data: corresponds to the name of the package (without extension).
Remark: A single package may be referenced according to the platform used by the HFSQL servers.
Component: wd290hf.dll
Minimum version required
  • Version 22
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Last update: 05/03/2024

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